Two Poems by Adam Levon Brown

​Flowers of Bone

The river of epiphanies
has been littered with
flowers of bone

The calcification
infests the body
of water while

Microchip fantasies
manifest in third eye


Broken axle screeches
to the axis of Hypnotic suggestion
Stop, Halt

Glass shatters in the distance
Teeth grinding,
mixing cement on an abandoned
highway to critical thinking

Sensuality has all but split
as seraphim spit the seeds
of solitude upon the psyche

The river of epiphanies
has been littered with
flowers of bone


My Wish

I want to exorcise you
from the dirt

With my holy fingernails
tearing at your casket

I want to birth you back into
this world as if from a dynamite encrusted
womb attached inside my cherry-plumb heart

I want to scream at you for
leaving me in this fallen Eden
filled with emotional, electronic malaise

I want to resuscitate the stars in your eyes
and wash away the formaldehyde handprints
that the coroner washed you with.

I want to close the gap between life and death
and mostly…

I want to hear your voice again



Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, and cat lover. He is editor of Madness Muse Magazine. He has over 150 poems published in 11 countries. He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal. http://www.AdamLevonBrown.