A Poem by Dime Maziba

Death in my Yard

The gloomful intruder
Lumbered in the forcourt of fears.
Unfading footsteps of blood
Has left sorrow in our longing heart.

secular poetry rain
was spluttering over the roof of life,
Beseeching the deaf ears of death.
‘’we beg you!we beg you!’’
Rhetoric doesn’t persuade
The curtains of death
nor pay the bill of breath

I will jot poetry in my language
with hieroglyphics signs
and harlem writing style
to hush machine-gun fire
of my torn soul.

I write this poem in a dim night
Of a winter cold because poetry is
Like a roaring lion calling his lioness from
The den of his words
But Misunderstood by flying birds
Who report to ears of the wind,
The anger of carnivores.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Dime Maziba is a Pan-Africanist oratory. He is a poet, writer and political activist. He is also a Financial Accounting student from Durban university of technology (Dut) in South Africa where he is currently based.