A Poem by Fejiro Ibuje


Cinnamon skin glittering under the dazzling day,

Strides like the young gazelle in heat,
Black blood from her veins,
Voice like music from Nina Simone.
Eyes like brown silver bathing in the Nile,
Bowels like the garden in Eden before the fall
The stray daughter of Noah before the flood.
As the palm tree in the savannah rocks under the evening breeze;
So she flits to gongo drums under the moon,
Feet swifter than warriors from the Congo;
As though possessed by spirits of the white wine.
Imitated by the lioness upon a hunt,
The reverie of those virile,
The song of the morning;
As it makes love to the sun.
Skin darker than cocoa extracts,
As ivory tusks from Cote d’ivoire,
Like unseen parts of the Kilimanjaro;
She thus is.

My name is Fejiro Ibuje, a Nigerian from the urhobo tribe, 300 level law student at Babcock University in Nigeria.