Two Prose Poems by Darren C. Demaree

​Trump As A Fire Without Light #106

It’s a frenzy, which does not mean one of us must be eaten, and does not mean that either of us needs to shut up.  It means that this is an action game now, old man, and I don’t take days off.  You are wealthy and strong, but I am poor and stronger.  I have no name to lose anyway, so when it crosses your lips in distaste, what will that mean about you?  I’m already planning a celebration for when you relent.

Trump As A Fire Without Light #108

 Just sit at the table and give in to all of your fear.  You don’t need a pistol to do the right thing, just stand up and walk away.  You don’t need our forgiveness.  You just need to step away quickly and quietly before the houses you’ve stepped on are rebuilt.  Those people will come for you if you’re still there.

Darren Demaree’s poems have appeared, or are scheduled to appear in numerous magazines/journals, including the South Dakota Review, Meridian, New Letters, Diagram, and the Colorado Review. He is the author of six poetry collections, most recently “Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly” (2016, 8th House Publishing). And the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology and Ovenbird Poetry. He is currently living and writing in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children.